The girl who lost her words were trying, trying not to get angry, but if she wasn't sad she was angry, and she tried to spill the anger to have room for more happiness.
Heartrush, irritation pouring out of my ears.
Why the hell are you writing in the snow with it?
Why are you writing my name at all, and wait what...
And why are you pouring the coffee, you don't want your heart to rush anymore?
I mean seriously, It doesn't make any sense, why pouring coffee into the snow just to make your point? Why not drink it and piss your message for a more effectful gesture? Then you would get energized and at the same time make it very clear that you do not want to talk to me again.
Pouring the coffee with a sad smile would only keep my hope alive.
I think I need you to kill it instead.
So come on, drink the fucking coffee.


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